Saturday, 28 September 2013

Weather and Caleches

Summer seems to have finished, no day time temperatures over 40 this week!

Spotted on Facebook
As we mentioned earlier today on Luxor Times magazine page. Minister of Tourism hand two checks for 1.5 million Egyptian pounds support for a year for the Calesh drivers to support their family with food supplies and their horses too. After handing the funds to the Calesh drivers boss, the minister said "This find on one condition which is to treat the guests in good manners and to make sure the drivers and their carriages are licensed."

Friday, 27 September 2013

END OF 2013 SEASON | South Asasif Conservation Project Blog

END OF 2013 SEASON | South Asasif Conservation Project Blog

The Egyptian – American team South Asasif Conservation Project has finished its 20-week 2013 season in September. We had a highly productive season despite the numerous political problems the country has experienced over the summer. Luxor remained peaceful and our Egyptian colleagues were extremely helpful and supportive of our work. We want to express our gratitude to our international team, sponsors and the Ministry of State for Antiquities for making this season a success.

Dr. Elena Pischikova
Director, South Asasif Conservation Project

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Monday, 23 September 2013

Luxor Tourism Event at Karnak Temple

Reports from the event are so positive. There were speeches, music, dancing, a real family day out. The governor spoke with all the foreigners present and thanked them for coming. This is a random selection of photos. And below is a report from an Arabic newspaper

This is a link to an Arabic press report. بوابة فيتو: بالصور ..احتفالية لتنشيط السياحة بمعبد الكرنك بحضور محافظ الأقصر وايمان البحر درويش

Holding all of Luxor Governor Tarek Saad Eddin , the artist Iman Darwish Sea , and Captain public workers Moataz Mr. press conference on Thursday evening, in the light of events promoting tourism " Luxor message " from the Temple of Karnak .

And Saad Eddin said at the conference that the province of Luxor did not witness any demonstrations for armed supporters of an orphaned in Isna Center south of Luxor , stressing that it is well with demonstrations in the streets.

He said that both the Netherlands and Belgium have decided to lift the ban on their nationals today , and can thus return of tourism Belgian , Dutch to Luxor .
He said Saad Eddin to Luxor are looking forward to receiving the delegation of German media on 28 of this month, is المترقب to send all of the British University , and Modern German university academic delegations to Luxor.

The captain Moataz Mr. workers , that there are efforts to complete by the end of it rams , and work to open the closed temples such as the Temple " First City " , and the Temple of " death."

The artist said Iman El Bahr Darwish message that art and introduced the song " the adequacy of the conflict ," as a message to absent in the name of religion , and stressed that he is not entitled Jihad on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood , but be jihad in the name of God only.

This came in the light of the " Luxor " , a celebration for tourism involving hundreds of people from Luxor and tourism workers and a number of foreign residents in Luxor , in the Temple of Karnak .

UK Travel advice shown as lacking credibility. See Kenya travel advice v Egyptian Travel Advice #ukinegypt

How unfair is it that Luxor Egypt is classed as unsafe to travel to but Kenya is OK. The UK travel advice for Egypt is ridiculous, lacking credibility and not reflecting reality. Check it out for yourself.

Kenya travel advice - GOV.UK versus Egypt travel advice - GOV.UK

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Animal Welfare of Luxor, Egypt, animal care charity.

Animal Welfare of Luxor, Egypt, animal care charity.

Just spotted that this very worthwhile charity has a Facebook page  where the English trustee updates with fund raising events etc. They are desperate for funds at the moment with the dearth of tourists so please give them your support.

I am hoping to meet with Angela when she comes on her next visit, the actual facility is run Dr Mohammed who is a great vet, looked after my cat once but they have a lot of English support.

Angela also tells me they are launching a new website soon, I will give details later

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Important warning about Sunshine on Facebook

WARNING this is a fake profile and has nothing to do with Sunshine in Luxor,

Please do not send money.

Do not accept a friend request as he will use your friend list.

If you want to donate or contact Sunshine please use their website

Dear Facebook friends,

Just posting a warning.A lady has contacted UK Office that there is a facebook page 'Sunshine Luxor' that has a copy of our newsletter and asking for donations. This is not the official facebook page ,so please do not befriend or donate .We are looking into it .

Thanks again for your likes and your support. Busy working on our next newsletter. If anyone has photos of them fundraising this year and would like to be featured,please email me at the children at the village are doing fine in Luxor and ready for return to school. All the best Eve and the UK team.

This is the real Facebook page

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

French security expery confirms safety in Luxor - Daily News Egypt

Curfew will not affect tourism industry: tourism officials - Daily News Egypt: A security expert from France just visited Egypt and confirmed that the situation in Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh was totally safe,” Mounir added.

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Travel Insurance to Luxor

If getting travel insurance is the only thing stopping you travelling to Luxor. I have located a company who provides insurance UNDER THE CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES.  "Frontier travel insurance cover Egypt at the moment; they also cover Syria and Afghanistan if that appeals to you!"


Saturday, 14 September 2013

▶ Hidden Luxor - Karnak Temple: Module 1 - YouTube

This module, one of a series of series of 12 lectures has proved the most popular since they were published three weeks ago. If you can't visit in person at least you can second hand, please share and enjoy.

▶ Hidden Luxor - Karnak Temple: Module 1 - YouTube: - Sent using Google Toolbar

Luxor Message Event 23rd September



The Governor of Luxor in partnership with
the Luxor Syndication of Tour Guides
invites you to attend a tourism event
at the magnificent Temple of Karnak
on Monday 23rd September
from 4.00 to 6.00 pm.

The event, named 'LUXOR MESSAGE'
has been planned to show the world that
Luxor is SAFE for tourists and is
'open for business'!!!

Please come along to the Forecourt of
Karnak Temple and join the Governor,
Tourism Workers and Luxor residents
to support and celebrate our wonderful city.

We look forward to welcoming you with
the warm friendship and hospitality
that comes so naturally from the Egyptian people.

Just Arrived from Cairo, Delivery of All Four AUC Press Nature Foldouts for Egypt! | NATURE UNFOLDING

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