Saturday, 31 August 2013

Egypt's security puts 'spy duck' under arrest - Politics - Egypt - Ahram Online

Only in Egypt. Now do you understand why I live in this wonderful country.

Egypt's security puts 'spy duck' under arrest - Politics - Egypt - Ahram Online: Egypt’s police put a duck under arrest late Friday as a device was found attached to its feathers, fueling accusations that it might have been used for espionage, Al-Ahram Arabic-language news website reported.

According to Al-Ahram's Arabic site, a fisherman in the Nile River of Egypt’s southern governorate Qena caught the accused bird, which was among a group of five ducks waddling in the freshwater.

The fisherman became suspicious that the device on the duck's body could be used for spying, prompting him to hand over the bird to the Coalition of Arab Tribes in Qena, who in turn filed a police report.

An anonymous security official told Ahram Online on Saturday that security and environmental experts are currently examining the device in order to determine its intended purposes and whether or not the little bird has repeated national secrets to anyone.

In January, a carrier pigeon was captured in the Egyptian governorate Qalyubia (North of Cairo) and was sent to the Criminal Investigation Department after a message was found attached to one of its feet and a microfilm to the other.

In 2010, sensationalist reports surfaced in the local media on "GPS-controlled sharks" allegedly sent by Israel to Sinai shores.

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A subsequent report said " The head of security in Qena said Saturday that officials examined the bird and the device. Mohammad Kamal said the device was neither an explosive nor a spying device. It likely could be a wildlife tracker, reported The Associated Press."