Saturday, 27 July 2013

Joyce Tyldesley - new website

Joyce was my tutor on the Manchester Certificate course and is the author of loads of great book, most on my shelves :) now she has own website Joyce Tyldesley: - Sent using Google Toolbar

Monday, 22 July 2013

Archaeological Tours & Cruises - Archaeology Travel

Just been featured on this website, lots of other interest places. 

Archaeological Tours & Cruises - Archaeology Travel: Archaeology Tours, Egypt
Archaeological tours of LuxorLooking to explore Egypt’s historical offerings but want a comprehensive tour of the sites not the shops. Plenty of time to explore, no shouts of ’20 minutes and back on the bus’. You want independent tours from Jane Akshar at Flats in Luxor, competitive prices, university qualified guides, unusual sites and as much time as you want. Offering major sites like the Pyramids, Karnak and Valley of Kings, also the workman’s village, Ramasseum, temple of Seti I, white chapel of Senusret, Middle Egypt, Dashur and Abu Sir. Jane will help you explore ALL of Egypt. Ideal for the enthusiastic amateur Egyptologist.[Website]

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Volunteer Experience | South Asasif Conservation Project Blog

Various volunteers talk about work on the dig including our very own Trisha who is staying at my flats! 

The Volunteer Experience | South Asasif Conservation Project Blog:

......Patricia Mason (returning volunteer, UK)

“Our first excavation task in Karakhamun has been to record and remove the last of the flood and occupational debris in the Open Court. This consists of broken mud brick, stones and sand, as well as a significant volume of pottery sherds and animal bones. Apparently the Open Court was used by the locals to house Water Buffalo and other livestock. On one day we recovered 21 bags of bones from at least 2 animals. Other finds have included fragments of limestone from the walls and small fragments of faience.”....

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Friday, 12 July 2013

BBC iPlayer - PM: 12/07/2013 - a tourist in Luxor speaks

The piece on Luxor starts at 51:30, Michael Denning speaking from his hotel, waxes lyrical about staying in Luxor and how tourists, including his wife, are brain washed by a useless Foreign Office into leaving.

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Good for him

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ramadan Kareem

Why not learn more about Islam and read the Koran during the holy month of Ramadan. You can get a version that divides the book into 30 parts called Jus. Read one every day. Find out what Islam teaches versus what is culture and tradition. The Penguin edition is a good translation. BTW do you know the only woman mentioned by name in the Koran?

A return to Egypt: not if but when « 101 Holidays blog

A return to Egypt: not if but when « 101 Holidays blog: ......Without the crowds you will have an amazing experience

Even last month, before the latest turmoil, the huge slump in tourist numbers meant that our small group often had ancient temples entirely to ourselves. At the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where in the past you might have queued for 45 minutes for a glimpse of Tutankhamun’s treasures, we had time to linger over them, untroubled by other tourists.

Fine, you may be thinking. But Egypt will always be there. I can go in five years, 10 years time. In fact, a spectacular new Grand Egyptian Museum costing $815 million is planned to open near the Pyramids at Giza in 2015. It will have a whole building dedicated to the treasures of Tutankhamun. Let’s wait until then.

True. And yet … Egypt needs tourists before then. Not just to bolster the country’s national deficit, but simply to ensure the tens of thousands of hotel staff, drivers, guides, boatmen and market traders can earn enough to feed their families this week and next.

And if you go before the crowds return – before the coach loads of Russians and Chinese descend – you will be welcomed with open arms and warm smiles......

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Monday, 8 July 2013

Fieldwork Activities - Macquarie University including an update on Thebes

Fieldwork Activities - Macquarie University: - Sent using Google Toolbar

thanks toKento Zenihiro
I have just received a newsletter from the Australian Centre for Egyptology to know that Macquarie started to excavate TT 149!

Reunification in the Carter House Magazine | South Asasif Conservation Project Blog

Go to the blog to find out what happened next .........  

Reunification in the Carter House Magazine | South Asasif Conservation Project Blog:

........In 2006 half of a wooden funerary mask was discovered. Most likely a separately manufactured piece from an anthropomorphic sarcophagus the face displays traces of yellow paint, with black paint around the eyes, and can be expected to derive from one of the many later secondary burials in the tomb of Karakhamun.

Three years later in 2009 a separate registration was recorded of half a wooden mask, while not in quite such good condition this also displays traces of yellow paint and black paint around the eyes......

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Luxor celebrates/demonstrates in support of the new government

Pro new government march at Luxor today.

Message from Mansour Boraik - ex director

Mansour Boraik just phoned me and asked me to publish on his behalf.

During the last meeting of the Anglo/Egyptian centre he saw the jealousy in people’s eyes as he gave his presentation without notes (but he did not care) they are not honest about the archaeological sites.  

Only Luxor has been run smoothly through this critical time, there have been no encroachments. The decision to remove him was done to cause trouble for Egypt so Luxor would suffer during this turmoil. It was a conspiracy from senior members of the SCA, he knows exactly who they are.

He never respected the Minister and avoided his invitations to head the faculty of the South Valley and when the Minister came to Luxor and had meetings in coffee shops. 

The decision to remove him was taken at 2:30 Thursday, the dying moments of the administration, why at this time, at this moment. You cannot work with a naked back, there are over 400 directors in the SCA why only Mansour is attacked because only Mansour is famous for what he does. He has tried to excavate and publish. He apologises for any mistake he made which was from his heart. The people that have attacked him will go to the recycle bin of history

 It is a stupid game and he is pleased to spend time with his family and to prepare to defend his PhD in August. He has had a lot of stress since the revolution trying to defend the monuments with the help of the people. This is a critical time for the monuments of Luxor.

God bless Egypt
God bless Egyptian Heritage

I wished him the very best for the future#

Edited 8/7/13
Mansour thanks you all for your best wishes and phones calls but feels his problems are small and insignificant compared to what is happening in Egypt.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Luxor archaeologists strike to reinstate sacked Luxor director - Ancient Egypt - Heritage - Ahram Online

Luxor archaeologists strike to reinstate sacked Luxor director - Ancient Egypt - Heritage - Ahram Online: - Sent using Google Toolbar

Bring back Mansour

BBC News - ElBaradei to become Egyptian PM

Breaking News 

BBC News - ElBaradei to become Egyptian PM: Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of UN nuclear watchdog, to be named Egyptian prime minster, presidential sources say

Previous analysis on BBC

The former United Nations nuclear agency chief, Mohamed ElBaradei, is now the favourite to lead a transitional government in Egypt after Mohammed Morsi was removed from office by the military.
Mr ElBaradei, 71, is coordinator of the main alliance of liberal and left-wing parties and youth groups, known as the National Salvation Front.
Mohamed ElBaradei: "We were between a rock and a hard place"
It was formed late last year after Mr Morsi granted himself sweeping powers in a constitutional declaration.
When the armed forces commander announced the military takeover on 3 July, Mr ElBaradei was present. He said that he hoped a new plan to return the country to a democratically-elected government was "the beginning of a new launch for the 25 January revolution [of 2011]".
The former diplomat, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is well-known on the international stage.
He would be acceptable to Western diplomats worried by the military's action against Egypt's first democratically-elected president.
Mr ElBaradei was given a hero's welcome by youth groups when he retired from his job at the IAEA and returned home to Cairo in February 2010.
However, support for him as an opposition leader dropped away as he was perceived to be out-of-touch with events in Egypt. During the 2011 Egyptian uprising, Mr ElBaradei came back from a trip abroad to head to Tahrir Square.
Although he originally hinted that he would run for the presidency, he later changed his mind. His new party, al-Dustour (meaning "the constitution") was formed in April 2012.

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Egypt : The Next President - YouTube

Wow just listen to this young man if you want to understand why the Egyptian people rejected Morsi and his theocracy. Amazingly erudite and to the point and he is only 12!! He reflects the 22 million that signed the petition. First petition that ever made a real difference. I am so impressed and proud of the Egyptian people.    

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Update from Luxor 01:30 6th July

Just had a guest arrive and can report the road between airport and west bank is peaceful. Before picking up the guest the driver went shopping and also found Luxor around TV st peaceful.

The protest at the council offices by the pro Morsi supporters has been removed by negotiation according to reports on the internet.

The sites are open and the hotels are happy to welcome you.

Love from Luxor

Friday, 5 July 2013

New Ticket Prices Effective 1st July

This is what I have been told for upper Egypt, if I have got any wrong please let me know.  I have put both old and new prices.

Abu Simbel 80 100
Temple Of Philae 50 60
Assasif Tomb 30 40
Ay Tomb 25 30
Babaza Tomb 25 30
Deir El Bahary Temple 30 50
Deir El Medina Tombs 30 40
Dendera Temple 35 40
El Khoukha Area 25 30
El Towed Temple 25 30
Karnak Temples 65 80
Luxor Museum 80 100
Luxor Temple 50 60
Medinet Habu Temple 30 40
Menna And Nakht 25 30
Merenptah Temple 15 20
Open Air Museum At Karnak 25 40
Rameses Vi At Valley Of Kings 50 50
Ramesseum Temple 30 40
Ramouze Tomb 30 40
Roy & Sheroy 15 20
Temple Of Seti The First 30 40
Tomb Of Nefertary 100 200
Tutankhamun 100 100
Valley Of The Kings 80 100
Valley Of The Queens 35 50
Edfu Temple 50 60
El Kab Tombs 30 40
El Mamela Tomb At Esna 15 40
Esna Temple 20 30
Kom Ombo Temple And Crocodiles Museum 30 40
Temple Of Hor-Moheb 25 30

BTW although the price for Nefertari is given in the list I got, that is on top of the special fee!

Luxor is open! Message from Mansour Boraik - Head of Upper Egypt Luxor Antiquities

Mansour confirmed that all historical sites in the Luxor area are open for business.

He also wanted to express his thanks to the people of Luxor who have protected the sites during the recent troubles and made sure that they were safe.

If you come to Luxor you can be sure of a big welcome at the sites and he hopes you visit.

Egypt reassures holidaymakers - Telegraph

Egypt reassures holidaymakers - Telegraph: a statement released on behalf of Omayma El Husseini, director of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, proclaimed a “new era for Egyptian tourism”, adding that tourists should be “assured of their safety and ability to complete their planned visits without disruption.”

“Tourists booked to visit Egypt this summer are equally reassured that there is no impediment to their visit,” it said. “They will come to enjoy Egypt as millions of tourists have done for years and years, in safety and security, welcomed by their friendly and hospitable Egyptian hosts. Tourism in Egypt is expected to boom as of next autumn as the country settles down to its newfound democracy which will bring peace and prosperity to this great country and its united people.”

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Egyptian tourism after the coup - Telegraph

Egyptian tourism after the coup - Telegraph: Justin Wateridge, managing director of Steppes Travel, said: “Trouble is localised. It is possible to fly into and out of Luxor and avoid the crowds of Cairo and have Egypt to yourself.”...Following the February 2011 downfall of President Mubarak, we were urged to visit Egypt – not just for its wonders but also to show solidarity with the people. When that call comes again I, for one, will be heeding it.

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lots of sounds of jubilation on Luxor west bank, Morsi has gone.

I can hear car horns, fireworks and jubilation from the road as Egyptians celebrate the departure of Morsi, now for a great future.

Welcome to the newly arrived tourists.

Just picked up 5 newly arrived tourists to add to the 7 I have staying. Thank God for independent travellers who know and love Luxor. On the way to the airport it was a normal Luxor day, no problems, no issues. The baggage and taxi guys were all excited about the prospect of the army taking over and the mood was excited and happy. They could not understand why the tourists were not coming.

We saw horses on their way to the last day of the moulid.

Update from Luxor

Unconfirmed reports of the pro Morsi rally attacking three churches in Luxor centre.

Try this and this for more information and pictures

I am happy to report that the west bank where i live remains peaceful

Monday, 1 July 2013

English Translation of Army Statement

The Egyptian arena and the world witnessed yesterday unprecedented protests and demonstrations by the great people of Egypt to express their will and views in a civil and peaceful manner.
Everyone witnessed the movement of the Egyptian people, heard their voices with the highest degree of respect and attention. It is a must that the people’s demands and calls are responded to and that each party bear some degree of responsibility in these dangerous circumstances surrounding this great nation.

The Egyptian Armed Forces, as a major player in the equation of Egypt’s future, and based on its duties and responsibilities, protecting the safety and security of this country, emphasizes the following:

1. The Armed Forces will never be a part in the circle of politics or governing, and will not accept to leave its role, according to democratic principles, merging from the will of the people.

2. The national security of the state is in great danger. In response to the current developments we are currently witnessing, it gives us all, due to our position, responsibilities to deal with this situation, to prevent such danger from occurring. The Armed Forces has understood early on the danger of the current situation, and what it represents for the demands of the Egyptian people, and that is why we had created a deadline of a week for all political parties to reconcile and end this crisis. This week has passed without any hope, initiative or action, which led to the great people of Egypt to take to the streets with the determination and insistence in a way that obtained the admiration and appreciation on all levels, internally, regionally, and internationally. The great people of Egypt have suffered without finding anyone to care for them, which gives a moral and psychological burden on the Armed Forces which have found it important for everyone to stop everything except to care for this people who proved that they are able to achieve the impossible if they felt devotion and loyalty.

3. The Armed Forces repeats its invitation to respond to the demands of the people and gives everyone 48 hours as a last chance to bear their own responsibilities during this historical event and period that our country is currently passing through, which will never tolerate or forgive any power that fails in carrying out its responsibilities.

4. The Armed Forces are asking everyone that if the demands of the Egyptian people are not responded to within the fixed time, then they will have - according to their national and historical responsibility, and respecting the demands of the great people of Egypt - to announce a future road map and arrangement under its supervision, with the participation of all powers and national, loyal directions, including the youth of Egypt that were and will always be the symbol of the holy revolution, and with no exclusion or political isolation.

God save Egypt and its people proud great

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings

BREAKING: Egyptian military gives 48 hour ultimatum to Brotherhood, political forces - Politics - Egypt - Ahram Online

BREAKING: Egyptian military gives 48 hour ultimatum to Brotherhood, political forces - Politics - Egypt - Ahram Online: The armed forces have announced that the military is giving all political forces 48 hours as a last chance to solve the ongoing problems, or else the armed forces will have to announce a new roadmap for the future, and will enforce certain measures with the help of all factions including the youth, without excluding anyone.

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The biggest political demonstration in the world ever
A baby is born in Tahrir Sq and named Tamarod (rebel)
Luxor MP Dr-AbdulMawgoud Dardery thinks it can be ignored
Tamarod said it had collected more than 22 million signatures - more than a quarter of Egypt's population - in support.
Muslims and Christians, men and women united