Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The new rules for hot air balloons in Luxor

The people at Hod Hod Soliman have very kindly explained the new rules for balloons in Luxor as applied by themselves. I suggest if you are flying with another company you find out how they are applying the rules.

Well there is basically no great change, except that there is now a safety briefing approved by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority in use which passengers are required to sign to show that they have understood the need for the briefing and the steps that they can take to help to ensure a comfortable and safe flight for themselves and other passengers.

It is quite possible that some companies may require a waiver - Hod-Hod Soliman does not.

The insurance situation remains unchanged from the position before the tragic accident in the case of Hod-Hod Soliman Balloons

Monday, 29 April 2013

Online Hieroglyph Study Support Group



GlyphStudy, a yahoogroup student run study group, will be offering a Collier & Manley hieroglyph study section for Beginners starting JUNE 10,  2013.

The CM2013 section will take about a year to complete.

We will be using the 2003 reprint of Collier & Manley's How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A step-by-Step Guide to Teach Yourself, written by Mark Collier and Bill Manley, published by the British Museum Press.

You may use any edition – although please note that there were a lot of errors in the original 1998 edition, so a more recent edition is preferable.

You will be expected to do all the exercises and submit most of them as homework.

If you are intrigued, but want more specifics, don’t apply to the lists yet, just send me an email and indicate that you are interested, but not sure, and I will get back to you with more information. Please ask any questions you might have.


If you want to audit, send me an email saying so, and apply only to the main list

If you are not already a member of GlyphStudy, where all the discussion takes place, you will need to apply for the main list. Then, all CM13 students will need to apply to a 2ND homework list in order to participate and send in work.


STEP #1 Send a first and last name, (it’s required) your preferred email address, and an indication that you want to study hieroglyphs with the Collier and Manley 2013 section to Karen, your GlyphStudy moderator, at the following address

STEP #2 Apply to join the main GlyphStudy list at this link

STEP #3 Apply to join the 2nd CM2013 homework list at this link
That’s it---when I receive your details, you will be admitted to the lists and receive more information about your section.

Please Note, if you don’t send me the required information I will not process your applications—it’s list policy.
Best, your GlyphStudy mod, Karen

Queen of the Nile, Hull Truck Theatre, review - Telegraph

A bit off tangent but it is Luxor :)

Queen of the Nile, Hull Truck Theatre, review - Telegraph: Tim Fountain's new play Queen of the Nile, about Luxor as a cradle-snatcher’s paradise, looks past its sell-by date, says Dominic Cavendish.

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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Rick Steves: Luxor Museum: Easily Egypt's Best

Rick Steves: Luxor Museum: Easily Egypt's Best: While Egypt has many of the world's greatest ancient archeological sites, its museums are generally dreary. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, while old school, is world class simply by the brute magnificence of the treasures it displays. The Luxor Museum, made possible and designed by the people who brought us the Louvre in Paris, is the finest museum in the country. While it's a fraction of the size of the big museum in Cairo, it offers more than enough ancient art and artifacts--all wonderfully displayed.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

West bank Necropolis - chicagotribune.com

West bank Necropolis - chicagotribune.com: Across the Nile from Luxor is a valley with more ancient treasures than any place I’ve seen. I spent a long day visiting tombs and temples to find the best places for my upcoming TV episodes on Egypt.

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hidden Luxor by Jane Akshar (Paperback)

Want to buy Hidden Luxor and you don't have a Kindle, no problem. You can buy a paperback here.

Hidden Luxor by Jane Akshar (Paperback) :

Want to get more out of your Egyptian holiday or Nile cruise then you need this guide to Luxor. You have done the Karnak, Valley of Kings, Valley of Queens & temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahri and you have another week, what is there to see in Luxor? Jane takes you to her Hidden Luxor, all the place you didn’t know existed. Tombs and temples no one goes to. The temple of Karnak is the largest religious site in the world and now you can explore it all. The White Chapel of Senusret I in the Open Air Museum is the most beautiful object in Egypt, easily rivalling the tomb of Seti I or Nefertari. Want to know where to find it and others like the Botanical Room or tombs of the Nobles like Senenmut or Ramose where you can see decoration done during the reign of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaton removed by the vengeful priests of Amun. Explore the battles of Ramses the Great at the Ramasseum site of the famous Shelly poem about Ramses II. Jane helps you enjoy ALL Luxor has to offer.< Less

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Egypt's King Khufu's harbour in Suez discovered - Ancient Egypt - Heritage - Ahram Online

Egypt's King Khufu's harbour in Suez discovered - Ancient Egypt - Heritage - Ahram Online: French-Egyptian archaeological mission discover the oldest commercial harbour from fourth dynasty Egyptian King Khufu at Wadi Al-Jarf area, 180 km south of Suez

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4th dynasty papyrus found

Picked up on EEF and so important I had to share even though it is not Luxor

* Press release of the Ministry of State for Antiquities Affairs

"Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim, the Minister of State for Antiquities Affaires declared the discovery of one of the most ancient ports in history that date to King "Khufu" at "Wadi el- Jarf" Area, The Red Sea Shore, exactly 180 km. south Suez, Suez- Zafarana Road. 4o hieroglyphic papyri that register the Egyptian everyday life details were also discovered and most of them date to the 27th year of the reign of King Khufu.
Dr. Ibrahim declares that the port that was discovered by the Franco-Egyptian archaeological team working in the Suez Archaeological Area. This port is considered one of the most important ports in Ancient Egypt because it was used to transport copper and other minerals from Sinai to the Valley. The Minister pointed out that the mission also succeeded in discovering a group of stone anchors that were marked with ropes used to tie the ships inside the port.
The Antiquities Minister added that the discovered papyri are considered the oldest written papyri ever found in Egypt declaring the importance of the discovery of such papyri due to the information of everyday life that they reflect, it includes monthly reports that register the number of the port workers and the most important details of their lives. He also added that the papyri were transformed to the Suez Museum immediately after their discovery for study and registration.
The Director of the mission, Pierre Tallet declared that it is important to study the information in those papyri carefully because they will present plenty informations about this period. They also reflect the life of the ancient Egyptians, their rights and duties to get to know the details and nature of the ancient Egyptian life.
On the other hand, Mr. Adel Hussein, head of the Ancient Egyptian Sector said that the mission also succeeded in  discovering the remains of houses for workers at that time. This expresses the commercial importance of this place whether through land or sea. 30 caves were also discovered in addition to stone blocks that were used to close those caves that carry the inscriptions of King Khufu inside a cartouch, in red ink. Finally a group of stone tools used for cutting ropes and some wooden remains and ropes were also discovered."

Photos provided by the MSAA:

Friday, 5 April 2013


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An interesting comment on EEF regarding the 2013 report of Project Djehuti. I do suggest readers of the blog who are interested in the subject signup for EEF to see more on this debate.

  So, it's confirmed then that Intefmose is indeed a son of a king from an inscription in his Dra Abu el-Naga tomb. Kim Ryholt in his 1997 book on the Second Intermediate Period thought that Intefmose was the son of one of the later 17th dynasty Intef kings, not one of the Sobekemsaf kings. But I suppose that Galan accepts that after Djehuti, the next early 17th dynasty king must have been one of the two Sobekemsaf kings as Polz has suggested in a book titled 'Der Beginn des Neuen Reiches.'

 Polz has Rahotep-Sobekemsaf Wadjkhau-Sobekemsaf Shedtawy-Intef Wepmaat-Intef Nubkheperre-Intef Heruhitmaat and then the final three Ahmoside kings as the most likely sequence of 17th dynasty Theban kings on page 7 of his book. Polz argued that Sobekemsaf Shedtawy was Sobekemsaf Wadjkhau's son.
I don't know where Intefmose would fit in this sequence if he was the son of one of the two Sobekemsaf kings.

  Regards, Fabian Boudville

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Pharaonic Village :The premier Cairo attraction where the tombs paintings come to life.

One of my favourite places to visit in Cairo and a great Cairo tour introduction for anyone wanting to understand the monuments of Egypt is the Pharaonic Village http://www.pharaonicvillage.com. I first went in 1986, before the days of digital photography and took reels of photos. It was like watching the tomb paintings come to life. All the scenes from the famous tombs of Luxor but with real people acting them out. Agricultural scenes, fishing, tomb painting, making mud bricks, there was so much to see at the this famous Cairo attraction. A definite top sites to visit in Cairo.

They also have a replica Egyptian temple but painted just as it would have been in ancient times. A noble house and countless exhibits and attractions right in the heart of Cairo. Dr Ragab founded it and had the vision to make it what it is today.

Remember when planning your Cairo tour you can visit Tutankhamen’s tomb without going to the Valley of Kings. That is right, one of Cairo’s attractions is a full replica of the tomb of Tutankhamen in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. Even the treasures found in the Cairo museum can be found as Howard Carter saw them.

I really encourage you to go, there is a competition at the moment where you can win free tickets http://competwition.com/pharaonicvillage

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Egyptians Struggle as Wary Tourists Stay Away - NYTimes.com

Egyptians Struggle as Wary Tourists Stay Away - NYTimes.com: “We want to give assurances that Egypt is not just a square kilometer where there are disturbances,” said Nasser Hamdy, the head of the Egyptian Tourism Authority..........

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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Resumption of balloon flights in Luxor postponed - Economy - Business - Ahram Online

Resumption of balloon flights in Luxor postponed - Economy - Business - Ahram Online: Hot air balloon flights in the Upper Egyptian city of Luxor, due to resume on Monday, have been postponed, Egypt state-owned paper Al-Ahram reported, citing a civil aviation ministry official.

The flights, suspended since a balloon crash killed 19 tourists on 26 February, will not resume for another few days while a civil aviation committee completes investigations into their safety, according to Mohamed Attia, head of the committee.

The resumption of the flights will exclude Sky Cruise, the company to which the crashed balloon belonged, as well as 25 balloons of the Ultramagic N425 model involved in the tragedy, added Attia.

In recent days, the committee has met with the owners of hot air balloon companies in Luxor and their employees, including pilots and technicians, to explain the safety procedures to be followed on future flights.

Future passengers will be required to sign a legal document acknowledging the possible risks involved in hot air balloon flying.

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